The Founder


Logeshiine K.S @ Shree , a beauty and image consultant is no amateur to the spotlight. Her diligent and persistent nature throughout the years has allowed her to exhibit her talents across magazines and television screens. She was famously known as specialist in producing pageants shows, fashion events, talent managements and private trainings – grooming and personality management throughout the years. A successful production of her – Darzaniazs Model Search 2014 & 2016 was the headlines at once. It is time to raise and develop more Malaysians talents that would stand equal with the international arena of arts with the heels of confidence, fearless and audible personality.

Volga Balezza Productions
Founder : Darzaniazs Model Search & Darzaniaz Bridal Pointz
Talent Director – Ultimateteamworks Malaysia
Miss Penang 2004, Miss Saree Queen 2006, Miss FIFA Penang 2003,
Model / Actress / Trainer / Beauty & Image Consultant

I am extremely passionate in empowering women through unity, diversity and national integration. The empowerment and autonomy of women along with beauty, personality and health is a highly important and realized in today’s world. With deep love in fashion, music and dance strives me to develop my talents in all areas of arts while helping others women’s to achieve greater in life.

– Logeshiine K.S @ Shree

Our Values

hrOur values are inspiring! These are the pillars to enrich the lives of women in Malaysia

Empowering Women

We are committed to focus, encourage and develop Women to feel strong by telling them that they can achieve everything that they want to achieve in life!


Develop confidence in every facet of our events & program that gives the strength to pursue their dream.


We strive to promote Unity in all our programs elements as it is the bedrock of entire participation at large.


To persevere is important to everybody. Don’t give up, don’t give in. There is always an answer to everything.


Throughout every events and programs conducted, the interaction with others can build bridges to trust, respect, and understanding across cultures.


Equality can only be achieved if the diversity, differences and qualities of women are truly valued. Respect for others is a key value underpinning the ethos and agenda of our entire events.

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